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You’re invited to join EssenceTribe

An online community devoted to
self-realization and spiritual exploration

Will you come to play with us?

A community for the best in you.

If you’ve been feeling extended or burned out and like the world isn’t meeting your needs for connection,
this might be the right place for you.


Whenever you get out of balance with your sense of self, family, service, or career
you compromise one of the most important parts of yourself:


So it’s time to get re-connected! Our community offers lots of tools to support you.

Essencetribe is here to infuse your life with the love of a community committed to YOUR JOURNEY, and you’re invited to share your support and wisdom with every member.

Whether you feel a longing for connection or imagine a community that meets you where you are, accepting you and challenging you to be your fullest self…

…If you desire to explore new forms of your own spiritual beliefs and practices in a safe and nurturing environment, Essencetribe is here for YOU.

What would you most love when it comes to realizing your potential?

  • To remain undaunted in life’s challenges and abide in peace more consistently?
  • Or to live with greater abandon and passion?
  • Do you desire to feel safe and accepted without judgment to break through old belief patterns that no longer serve you?
  • What would it be like if you brought even more focus and creativity into your current lifestyle?
  • Would you like to experience inner freedom that bears the fruit of audacious confidence?
  • Are you longing to feel, give, and know love more consistently every day?
Stones spelling the word Joy

If any of these points resonate with you, Essencetribe is HERE NOW to support that journey to your true self.

There’s no dogma here, no ~“right way”~ to your truth.

We embrace who you are, where you are.

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I also believe that you will inspire others in Essencetribe
to take risks leading to new levels of love and freedom
and that is life-enriching for everyone.


Join Now

It’s now completely proven by science:
“Social connection is imperative to your health.”

Not having it is as detrimental as a poor diet or lack of exercise.

Maybe you were raised in a religion you no longer connect to, you’ve come to a new city and can’t seem to find your “tribe,” or you work with colleagues who don’t “get you.”

Feeling disconnected is uncomfortable (for a good reason!), and we often end up just simmering in it: checking our phones, staying up too late, and binge-watching shows.

Yet so many of my students have expressed a longing to stay connected: to each other, to the teachings, to the Spirit inside themselves.

This is why I created Essencetribe.

If you’ve ever attended a retreat and felt connected, alive, and part of something greater, I created Essencetribe because that feeling of retreat never has to leave you! I wanted to create a place you could go anytime to fill your tank and drop in with a group of like-minded souls.

I’m talking about more than social connection, which may or may not meet the deeper hunger of your heart.

You need a connection that nurtures your heart.

A connection that reminds you that you are much more and that your dreams are meant to be realized.

And a community that leaves you feeling supported and connected as you seek to find and live your truth.

The mission of Essencetribe is to provide opportunities for you and for every member to have a direct, spontaneous experience of the truth and love within.

Our mission together is to foster unconditional acceptance because the spiritual path can evoke new levels of vulnerability and courage.

I really created this community for everyone as a foundation to build a world of greater compassion and freedom.

EssenceTribe is calling you!

It will be shaped by its members like authentic, vibrant communities are meant to be.

You will receive the following:

  • Monthly mystic explorations with members from all over the world
  • Membership in our private group
  • Monthly Inspirational Articles with Audio Versions
  • Audio Commentaries for Articles
  • Meditation Library (live stream)
  • One 4-Week Live Meditation Immersion (with replays)
  • One 6-Week Live Meditation Immersion (with replays)
  • One 2-Week Mystic Exploration (with replays)
  • Discounts on all online courses
  • Annual Retreat with fellow EssenceTribe members (cost discounted)

This is an ever-growing forum that will grow in its offerings and structure to reflect the influence of its members

Bring your gifts and insights. Bring your challenges and queries.
Bring your whole self…
Learn from others’ gifts and insights.
Support others in their challenges and queries…


The focus of our group is to

BUILD a safe place for all people and all paths

PROVIDE resources for support and connection

CHALLENGE you to be on the edge of your comfort zone

as we grow together in greater freedom

CREATE a community where you can experience in

the innermost place of their heart that

AND to discover repeatedly that you and each person
have an important purpose in this world.

About Kimberly Braun

Kimberly Braun is a Minister, M.A., Meditation Coach, CSP, and Reiki Master.

She has been devoted to meditation from age 5, with over ten of her years spent as a monastic nun. Her master’s in theology was completed in 2001 in Washington D.C. and is concentrated on the adult spiritual journey as a mystic and certified speaking professional (CSP).

Keynotes and retreats are primary tools in her mission to inspire others to live from the power and wisdom within them. Her style is playful, deeply inquiring, and intelligent in synthesizing how to access this part of ourselves and how to live from that place more consistently.

She is an author, TEDx speaker, meditation faculty at the renowned Omega Institute, and fellow seeker on the path to living freely. She has three online courses, ongoing events,  three CDs, and Love Calls, Insights of a former Carmelite nun, her first book now available about her time as a nun. Her second and third books are in the final process of being released in 2023.

Stones spelling the word Joy

Kimberly is now available for private sessions, keynotes, retreats, and more.
Stay in touch by visiting:

Questions? Contact Kimberly today!

Are you ready to give your heart the gift of connection to your self and others?
We are ready for you!